Climate Change & Evolution

Climate change is obviously producing very negative effects in many areas of the world. Many parts of the US too, but fortunately not where we live in the Northwest – yet. Last night, I think it was, on the news they showed a weather map of the US – our tiny area on the map was very strangely the same color green as Florida and vicinity! The rest of the country was blanketed in white and other colors which indicated very bad weather.

I’ve decided to stop using the term “global warming” because right-wing crazies point to all the cold and snowy weather as “proof” that such a thing doesn’t exist. They are certifiable and don’t have a shred of sophisticated understanding of anything (though in their stoney little hearts they probably do realize their days are numbered, so they’re digging in their heels and throwing fits about anything that bodes of even a tiny bit of progress, change, or inclusion of anyone they deem “unworthy” (ie: poor folk, certain immigrants, people who don’t marry the right people, those who have the “wrong” religion or skin color.)

Sometimes I wonder if the human race will ever evolve to the point where we actually qualify to be called “civilized”? We’ve been around more than 100,000 years, but I’m called impatient by folks who believe we have made “a lot of progress” since the days of marauding conquerors and “barbarians”. They think we are evolving and excuse our barbarity because we’ve only been here a short time in the great span of things.

Um, really? We are still at war most of the time, or threatening to be; we still have many more nuclear weapons than anyone rationally can justify as deterrents; we still suffer thru the devastation that greedy corporations create at will; we obviously think nothing of wrecking our environment and exterminating other species, and even our own species. These are just a few of many examples of how primitive we still are, but those defenders of us humans stubbornly tout us as the vastly superior species. Yeah, whatever……………

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  1. You’ve lived such a full life, traveled to so many fascinating places, done so many things you’ve set out to do…I am envious. Oh the places you’ve seen, Ms Seuss! It’s not unreasonable to worry about what climate change is doing to the planet. Aren’t you glad you have memories, and photos to prove it, of what the world has looked like?

    You write passionately and from the heart. Even after all these years of not seeing you in person, your words seem very consistent with the “voice” I remember: sure, certain, take no prisoners, forceful. I agree with your stances. It’s a hellava time to be living. I am scared to bits by the lack of compassion and empathy being displayed by our so-called representatives. Supercilious asshats. The swamp is backing up with the bastards that tiny fingers is dumping into it. Definitely cursed by living in “interesting times.”

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