Regarding an “unpresidented” administration

I sign every possible petition that I can, while daily keeping appraised of events. And now I want to express my extreme concern about the direction in which our country appears to be moving.
It seems that everyone is so overwhelmed by the baffling, ill-informed, and destructive actions taken (or threatened) by this president almost daily, that we can only deal with one at a time. The grave danger in this is that we are not seeing the big picture: a pattern of behavior heading toward not only a constitutional crisis, and the real possibility of precipitating new wars, but most disturbingly, a gradual takeover of our government by tyranny and militarization. It’s very clear that this president deeply admires the “strong men” of this world – tyrants and dictators who wantonly repress and even murder anyone who gets in their way. And every day he makes choices that reinforce his desire to become just like them.
We must not be so “politically correct” that we hesitate to raise the alarm! In particular Congress, which was created in order to maintain the balance of powers, must not shirk its responsibility to do so, out of misplaced fear of appearing overly reactive, or alarming the populace. Even a cursory review of history shows that we will do so at our peril, and the idea that this “could never happen in America” must be rejected out of hand, because serious vulnerabilities in the balance of power have now been revealed.
Supporting the gravity of this situation, a book has now been published compiling the opinions of 27 psychiatrists and psychologists (gleaned from hundreds according to the author.) Their conclusion was that they had to speak, out of a duty to warn, because Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and he presents a clear and present danger to the nation and our own mental health.
There is only so much we citizens can do on our own. So I have written to my Congresswoman, asking her and her colleagues to seriously confront this crisis. I hope you will write to your own representatives as well!


  1. Interesting and enlightened page Anna,
    The cause of our present dilemma is the “Dumbing down” of American students.
    We need our Schools teaching the skills that include social, technical and mechanical careers from early testing and choices of Necessary human skills and professions.
    Those students who drop out of the education system must be paid cost of living wages.
    Education must be free through college because these are the people who we will depend on for a quality Nation.
    poverty people will be no help building a best possible society of well trained people.

    The trumper, who is a showman not a viable president, is more of an unhinged joker.
    So far he has only shot his own foot off. The problem is the possibility that any time now he could shot everyone’s foot off and cause the end of life as we know it.

    When it comes to economics, money as the ways and means to get anything done and must be sufficient to support everyone’s life; not just the 1%.

    Best wishes David Eddy

  2. Great insight into the behavior of Donald Trump, a mentally unstable demagogue, who is bent on destroying our democratic institutions for his personal ego. He would love to be a dictator like Putin.

    We know the Republican Party is inept to handle him. It’s up to the progressive/liberal/and left forces to mobilize together and stop this maniac. MS

    1. Democracy has already gone, Christianity has already gone, a united Nation has already gone, kindness has already gone, the Ship of State has sunk into the quicksand of trumpism.
      We are fast becoming a dictatorship.
      The Nation has gone bankrupt spiritually, socially and economically.
      The American dream is now officially a full blown nightmare.
      We have lost the war to end all wars and are now coasting into oblivion.

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