for those interested in my background………..

Art has been part of my life since childhood and I’ve been writing since my college days in the 60’s, when I got a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Boston University. The writing has taken many forms including long and (mostly) short non-fiction essays, poetry, journaling, autobiography, fictionalized biography, and travelogues. My art has included photography; water color, oil and acrylic painting; clay sculpture; drawing, cartooning and caricature; 3-D paper constructions, collage and multi-media card-making; paper and fabric doll-making; museum exhibit installations.
I’ve also been an avid traveler since childhood and have visited more than twenty-three countries and thirty-three (or is it 34?) States. Photographing and writing about these trips has been a great source of fulfillment and inspiration.

All these experiences combined with a Masters degree in Adolescent Psychology have contributed to my focus on the subjects which inspire me most: culture and travel; psychology and social issues; person-centered education, giftedness, and creativity. So, after earning a Masters Degree in Psychology I created a program for teens called the “Synergy Projects”, based on my thesis research which confirmed that every individual learns and creates differently. In three rooms rented upstairs in a shopping mall, my young and very talented teams chose a variety of themes and created multi-media environments to express them. It was an inspiring experience that reinforced my belief in young people being our greatest hope for a better world!

I’ve written two books: “Sophia Sees the World“, self-published in 2000 and for sale at amazon books (see link below) and a sequel “Sophia Sees the World – the dao of the doll” a hand-made collaged interactive book, has not yet been (and may never be?) published. Two other writing projects have been in process for an embarrassing number of years with the working titles: “an Errant Trajectory – travels of a word-wanderer” and “Self-Emulation – illumination & awakening in an ordinary life”………………..

In this blog I’ll focus on my short-form social and cultural commentaries, travel photography, and some poetry and artwork. I hope the social commentary will be thought-provoking for you, and not too depressing. (The photos should help cheer you up.)

Would love to hear from you, get feedback and suggestions!


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  1. I truly enjoyed reading all your thoughts and seeing the excellent photographs. We may not agree on everything (who does?) but I love your passion about topics and the direct way in which you present them. If you can only influence one person, it’s a start in changing the world – but I think you will speak to and for many others. More please…..

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