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Art has been part of my life since childhood, and I've been writing since my college days in the 60's, when I got my Bachelor's degree in Journalism at Boston University. The writing has taken many forms including long and short non-fiction essays, poetry, journaling, autobiography, fictionalized biography, and travelogues. My art has included photography; museum exhibit installations; water color, oil and acrylic painting; clay sculpture; cartooning and caricature; 3-D paper constructions and card-making; paper and fabric doll-making. I've also been an avid traveler since childhood and have visited more than 23 countries and 33 (or is it 34?) States. All these experiences combined with a Master's degree in Adolescent Psychology have contributed to my focus on the subjects which inspire me most: culture, travel and psychology (obviously!), social issues, person-centered education, giftedness, and creativity. I've written two books: "Sophia Sees the World", which was self-published in 2000 and is for sale at Amazon Books, and a sequel "Sophia Sees the World - the Dao of the Doll", a hand-made book which has not (yet) been published. Two other writing projects have been in process for many years with the working titles: "An Errant Trajectory - travels in search of a life" and "Self-Emulation - illumination & awakening in an ordinary life". In this blog I'll focus on my short-form social and cultural commentaries, travel photography, and some artwork. Hope they'll all be thought-provoking and enjoyable for you! Anna

Regarding an “unpresidented” administration

I sign every possible petition that I can, while daily keeping appraised of events. And now I want to express my extreme concern about the direction in which our country appears to be moving.

It seems that everyone is so overwhelmed by the baffling, ill-informed, and destructive actions taken (or threatened) by this president almost daily, that we can only deal with one at a time. The grave danger in this is that we are not seeing the big picture: a pattern of behavior heading toward not only a constitutional crisis, and the real possibility of precipitating new wars, but most disturbingly, a gradual takeover of our government by tyranny and militarization. It’s very clear that this president deeply admires the “strong men” of this world – tyrants and dictators who wantonly repress and even murder anyone who gets in their way. And every day he makes choices that reinforce his desire to become just like them.

We must not be so “politically correct” that we hesitate to raise the alarm! In particular Congress, which was created in order to maintain the balance of powers, must not shirk its responsibility to do so, out of misplaced fear of appearing overly reactive, or alarming the populace. Even a cursory review of history shows that we will do so at our peril, and the idea that this “could never happen in America” must be rejected out of hand, because serious vulnerabilities in the balance of power have now been revealed.

Supporting the gravity of this situation, a book has now been published compiling the opinions of 27 psychiatrists and psychologists (gleaned from hundreds according to the author.) Their conclusion was that they had to speak, out of a duty to warn, because Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and he presents a clear and present danger to the nation and our own mental health.

There is only so much we citizens can do on our own. So I have written to my Congresswoman, asking her and her colleagues to seriously confront this crisis. I hope you will write to your own representatives as well! Anna

Slaughter by denial

If our so-called “representatives of the American people” don’t do something REAL about the yearly slaughter of tens of thousands of individuals in this country they are nothing but barbarians and killers themselves.
The causes and motives of these killings that everyone on TV obsesses about are irrelevant and become just a distraction and an excuse to do nothing. Because let’s face it, no one is truly capable of doing much about the causes.
What is relevant is the AVAILABILITY of any kind of GUN to virtually ANYONE who wishes to buy them. Background checks may sometimes help, but history shows that most of our mass killings are committed by people who DO NOT SHOW UP ON BACKGROUND CHECKS!
And all the so-called “constitutionalists” apparently don’t know how to read, because the Second Amendment specifically stipulates “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA”.
This persistent refusal to address a matter of such monstrous proportion and impact, is a gross dereliction of duty by these people in Washington who WORK FOR US, yet apparently do not feel any true sense of responsibility for our welfare. It’s apparent their only concerns are their irrational fear of the NRA and not getting re-elected.
It’s also apparent that the only thing that could change any of this is a massive citizen-based movement which no one will be able to ignore – and that’s what the folks in Washington should really fear!

Trump’s Wall

Building a wall is an absurd, lazy-minded, and antiquated notion in this modern age.

It’s simply a nasty and shallow political ploy that plays to the ears of folks who still buy into the age-old concept that someone “other”/alien is the cause of all their troubles. This is rarely the case and most of the real (bottom-line) culprits are home grown, though few observers seem to have the courage to point that out.

Not enough attention or emphasis is placed on this by non-conservative and non-partisan talking heads on TV!

It’s truly disgusting that conservative politicians still peddle this useless and dishonest nonsense, and we don’t want to contribute ONE tax penny to funding it! (It’s more than ironic that those who incessantly laud and, mistakenly, credit Ronald Regan for the Berlin WALL coming DOWN, now support and promote putting UP a much larger WALL here.)

Mexico certainly will not, and should not pay for this – the primary purpose of which is to bolster Trump’s insatiable ego and placate his so-called base (to whom we attribute way too much power BTW.)

It’s now very clear who would foot the beyond outrageous bill: US…………

Seems about time those of US who feel this way, organize to stage our own massive “dump the tea into the harbor” resist & protest national rallies. So dust off your powdered wigs, and put on those comfy buckled shoes, folks – it’s time to show em who’s really in charge!

Operation Green Bean

So the other night we were discussing Trump’s threat that he may have “taped” his meeting with Comey. My clever husband pointed out that they were having dinner. So he dubbed the caper “Operation Green Bean”, since the “bug” may have been hidden in the vegetable portion of their repast. I about died laughing! Should be a Saturday Night Live skit……………………….

A “confession”

In my early 20’s I was a member of a local Socialist organization in San Francisco for a few years. Though I’ve since identified consistently as a Democrat I still believe in the fundamentally compassionate principles of Socialism.

It’s very frustrating that associated groups/people are so stupidly and broadly vilified here in the US. They get a bad rap because, I believe, the essential principles of Socialism and Communism were deeply compromised due to being instituted in places that were not sufficiently developed to support the system, and became corrupt and severe to compensate.

As Marx wisely pointed out: a society must be sufficiently developed for Socialist ideals to be fully realized. And though admittedly, the leaders of these social movements ignored his warning and really screwed up, no political system is ever perfect. So, in developed countries which understand all this, Socialist principles are embraced but modified to suit the realities of their particular societies. They consistently rate as the best places to live, and the happiest people in the world. Go figure.

In the US the Dems are the closest we get to a viable social(ist)- oriented party. At our core, unlike the Republicans, most Dems believe the principle role of government is not to protect our sovereignty and position of power at all cost, but to provide (social) services and overall support for our citizens. And the idea of building walls to keep out “unworthy aliens” is anathema.

Unfortunately all political principles are at risk here because of our ridiculous, long and expensive electoral process, blind devotion to the promises of capitalism, and pervasive lobbying! Faced with these challenges, most US politicians of all stripes seem to forget what their job is and who they actually work for. They are continually in campaign mode, trying to appeal to everyone they can in order to be re-elected. So rather than being the norm, solidly principled politicians are rare beings to be celebrated.

But sadly, like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, these individuals are more often labeled as “weak” because they aren’t blustering blow-hards with itchy trigger-fingers, and a propensity to ignore or minimize the history, norms, achievements, and perspectives of other nations. God-forbid we should ever try to learn anything from societies that have been gaining experience for thousands of years! No, we have to reinvent the wheel every time we’re confronted with a new challenge, because we think “we know better” than everyone else. But in reality we’re quite unsophisticated politically and socially. Seriously, we can’t even handle more than two parties, let alone a woman for president. “Sad”

Re: Gerald Celente

At the urging of a British cousin who lives in Brittany, I listened to an interview with this guy Celente (of Trends Journal) the other day on You Tube.

A few of his observations did ring true: Re Trumps’s nepotism; our military-industrial complex and their pointless recent bombing in Syria, as well as multiple violations of international law historically; our awful unwavering support of Israel’s apartheid state.

But Celente is a hypocrite when it comes to Trump. He apparently supported Trump’s fiscal positions as “being strong for the economy, effective for building corporate profits, the markets and tax cuts” (well, that’s what’s important I guess – for the rich people Celente rails against, anyway – wait a minute, what?). Then he calls Trump an “arrogant, empty-headed, spoiled-brat, and a narcissist who shoots his big, fat mouth off and gets other people to do his dirty work”. If he believes any of the latter is true, how could he possibly ever support him? Or did he just discover these ever-obvious realities about Trump? If so, not a word coming out of his mouth can be trusted.

With regard to North Korea I agree we should have been having an open dialogue with them all along. Unfortunately what we currently face is the terrifying reality of two governments being led by immature, irrational, and insecure lunatics – so who would be having these dialogues is the crucial question!?

But I completely disagree with Clemente’s claim that we have instigated Un’s aggressive behavior by staging naval maneuvers in the area. Un’s constant militaristic posturing and build-up of  threatening weaponry is scaring the bejeezus out of Japan and other allies in the Pacific area (and now even us folks living near Seattle). What are we supposed to do pray tell? Just sit around and keep our fingers crossed that he doesn’t get pissed off because someone looks cross-eyed at him, or cooks him a bad meal? This guy murders anyone he wants, including his family, with complete impunity – are we really supposed to assume he’s someone who will behave rationally? And he is certainly not saying “please stop doing that” in response to our naval presence in the area, as Clement claims!

I heard a lot of mixed messages in his diatribe, and frankly he sounds as much of a racist, misogynistic, loud-mouthed, conspiracy-theory-addled blowhard as Trump. (He reminds me of another blowhard we can’t seem to get rid of: Rush Limbaugh.) It’s truly troubling that this kind of garbage is reaching as far as a little town in Brittany. And if he truly believes the US govt is such a flagrantly evil empire, what’s he still doing here?
Just shut up already!

Response to Paul Craig Roberts’ article: “Is that Armageddon over the horizon?”

(Quoted sections in italics are PCR’s proclamations – my responses are in bold.)

Consider the audacity of Secretary of State Tillerson. He has spent the week prior to his visit to Moscow supporting incredible lies and false allegations that Assad of Syria used chemical weapons with Russia’s permission…”

– I’m very curious as to who else this guy thinks had the ability to fly planes over a Syrian town and drop chemicals on its population? ISIS? The opposition groups? Get real.
Did he actually SEE any of the images of people frantically treating the hundreds of victims with ventilators, washing them down with water, hoses, etc?? Or does he believe all this was this some elaborate fakery? Orchestrated by whose video-production company? 
The plane was actually seen taking off from the airbase on satellite imagery, and arriving at the city just as it was bombed. And we know there were Russians stationed at that air base, who were “politely” warned prior to our bombing to get out.
And gee it is such a surprise that Assad would do something so horrible to his own people – Again!
“Does Tillerson think that now that Russia has largely freed Syrtia of US-supported ISIS, Russia is going to turn Syria over to Washington?”

The Russian leaders, who, unlike the Western liars, speak the truth……..”

– Seriously?

“Maybe Tillerson is going to ask for asylum and get on the winning side.”

– Which “winning side” would that be??

“Washington is so arrogant and lost in its own hubris, that Washington does not understand that the years of clear as crystal lies about Russia and Russian intentions and deeds have convinced Russia that Washington is preparing the populations of the United States and Washington’s captive peoples in West and East Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan for a US pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia. Published US war plans against China have convinced China of the same. When Russia hears these flagrant, blatant, obvious lies, Russia understands that Washington intends a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia. China has reached the same conclusion.”

– This is dangerous and inflammatory nonsense! What Kool-Aid is this guy drinking?

What are Russia and China doing? Are they begging for mercy? No. They are preparing to destroy the evil West, a collection of liars and war criminals, the like of which the world has never previously experienced.”

– Was this git born yesterday? I can think of many, many hundreds of war criminals that the world “has previously experienced“, and I was only born in 1948.

Putin has shown amazing patience with Washington’s lies and provocations, but he cannot risk Russia by trusting Washington, whom no one can trust.”

– I can’t decide whether to throw up or die laughing at this one!

“By jumping on the Deep State’s propaganda wagon the liberal/progressive/left is complicit in the march toward Armageddon.”

– In actual fact the “liberal/progressive/left” are the ones who sound the loudest alarms here in the US about any stupid and dangerous moves made by our govt and military.
This guy really has his head up his you-know-what. Does he live in his beloved Russia? If not, why not? Is it because it’s such an unsafe place to live, controlled by a sociopath who murders anyone who has the courage to speak/stand up against him? Who invades other countries just because he feels like they “belong” to Russia? Who provides those occupied satellite countries with weaponry that can shoot down a civilian airplane, killing many hundreds of innocent people? Who supports ruthless dictators like Assad because he needs to discourage his own people from challenging his own dictatorship? Who pretends not to know about, or be complicit in, gassing and barrel-bombing civilians? Who is as big a liar, or worse, as his best buddy Trump? Who actively interferes with elections in other countries? I could go on……………………..
I don’t blindly support my government in any way. And I, like the majority of people in this country, despise war, are extremely concerned about the world and everyone in it. We are horrified by the inequities and violence that are unfortunately rampant in so many places. I freely admit that the US has done some truly awful things, and hate the fact that our politicians constantly trumpet that we are “the best country in the world” etc, blah blah blah. That is so tone-deaf, inaccurate, and stupid! And there is no excuse for us to ban anyone from coming here, or build ridiculous walls to keep the “unwanted” out. If we are so “great” and “morally superior” (as Senator John McCain recently stated) isn’t it just a tad hypocritical to refuse so many refugees and other folks who want to come here?
It’s no surprise that these things anger people around the world. But we are certainly not the evil empire that PCR accuses us of being. Nor are we the only govt doing awful and destructive things in the world – obviously! It’s truly upsetting that others see us this way, and that our “leaders” are apparently oblivious to this, or don’t really care.  And those that do care are called “weak”.
The real problem here in the US is that not enough people bother to vote. Nor are we asked to vote on the most important issues. No, we’re held hostage by flaws in our system that allow an idiot like Trump to be elected, not by the people, but by an “electoral college” which was created by our founders, who believed the masses might be too ignorant to vote intelligently. So what often happens is the loudest, and usually the most gullible among us are the ones who get out to vote. Ergo: Trump. The only good thing I can say is that hopefully this mess will end the complacency we politically-lazy Americans indulge in!