Bye Donald!!!

DJT in all his Glory

The last four years have been shocking, frightening, and depressing, beginning long before the Covid disaster.

The current occupant of the White House has, with the help of a feckless, power-obsessed Senate and a frankly biased Attorney General, disproved the founders’ assumptions by taking every advantage of the excessive powers of the Presidency. He has abused EVERYONE, behaved corruptly and without honor, and gotten away with it! And to top it off, he now petulantly refuses to accept the results of a fair, certified and ratified election by claiming, against all evidence to the contrary, that HE won.

As a result of all this, we can see just how many vulnerabilities there are in our system of government. The founders obviously took too many things for granted – presuming that character, honor and integrity would prevail in (most of) those we select to represent us. They also assumed that if any weaknesses or malfeasance might crop up, these had been addressed by their instituting a “balance of power” between the branches of government.

Now that this growing predilection toward abuse of power has become apparent, we citizens MUST insist these issues be addressed in great depth, and with the utmost seriousness. The status quo is no longer acceptable in ANY branch of government. We MUST demand that our representatives in every branch muster all their courage and rise to this challenge. To not do so risks our very democracy!