This gallery is dedicated to the Cardigan Corgi dog breed, and our beloved Jeera.

The history of Corgis:
The word “Corgi” is derived from the Welsh: cor’gi, which means “dwarf dog”. The breed was formerly called “yard-long dog”. Today’s name comes from their area of origin: Cardigan.
(Source: Wikipedia)

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is descended from the Teckel family of dogs, believed to have existed in Wales for over 3,000 years (c 1200 bc). It was brought by the Celtic tribes who migrated to Wales from central Europe.

The Cardigan’s original work was to go before a master’s cattle herd and clear the way by chasing off potential predators as well as trespassing cattle. Later, the Cardi was used as a herder, working behind the master’s cattle and as a “drover”, driving cattle from Welsh farms to English markets. At this time the original Corgi may have been crossed with local sheepdogs to obtain a more versatile working dog. The faithful dog was also a family guardian and pet, vermin eradicator.
Ancient Welsh law called for severe penalties to anyone who harmed or stole any Cardi, because their talents could help determine its family’s economic status.

During the Viking invasion of 1,000 years ago, and subsequent influx of Flemish, a Spitz-type of dog arrived in some areas of Wales. They were crossed with the original Corgi to produce the Pembroke. Corgis in areas untouched by such influences, however, retained their basic original blood and were descendants of the Cardigan. (Source:

The Cardi and Pem are both dwarf breeds with large heads and heavy, long bodies on short, thick legs. They both have upright ears, but the Cardigan’s are larger and more rounded.
Other physical differences between them: Cardis have a long foxlike tail, while Pems tails are docked close to their body. Cardis are slightly larger with heavier bone. Pems have a squared-off rear end, Cardis have a sloping rear. Cardis have more coat color variations than Pems.

Both are smart, learn quickly and thrive when they have a daily job to do.
Long-term Corgi breeders describe their personalities this way:
Pems are high energy, friendly (even effusive), happy and funny, always seem ready for a party.
Cardis tend to be laid back and quieter, more reserved in new situations but “warm up quickly,” The defining characteristics of the Cardi are adaptability, a combination of serious and funny, adventurous and settled, loving and independent. They love to travel and have new experiences but they are also homebodies.

Our Beloved Jeera (2005-2020) – a perfect example of the description above

Many thanks to all Cardi lovers & breeders who’ve posted these pix on their sites!
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