Regarding an “unpreSidented” administration (update)

Nothing’s changed regarding my signing every possible petition that I support, while daily keeping appraised of current events. But now that’s obviously not enough, and I need to express my extreme concern about the direction our country is headed.

It’s been so overwhelming over the last four years to witness the “baffling”, ill-informed, and destructive actions taken (and threatened) by this president on almost a daily basis. Even the purveyors of news, no matter what media, have largely been able to deal with just one or two issues at a time.
The grave danger in this is that we were not seeing the big picture: a pattern of behavior that threatens not only constitutional crises, but most disturbingly, a gradual takeover of our government by tyrannical and anti-democratic actions. It’s always been very clear that this president deeply admires the “strong men” of this world – tyrants and dictators who wantonly repress and even murder anyone who gets in their way. He has frequently made choices that reinforce his desire to be just like them. But now during this Presidential election, which he has clearly lost, these actions have intensified and multiplied to a horrifying pitch.

We must not be so “politically correct” that we hesitate to raise the alarm! In particular Congress, which was created in order to maintain our democracy and its balance of powers, has shirked its responsibility to do so, fearing this tyRANT’s unleashed revenge upon them. (Which ironically they have consistently enabled!)

Even a cursory review of history shows that we do this at our peril, and the idea that this “could never happen in America” must be rejected out of hand. Serious vulnerabilities in the balance of powers, and fragility of the “conventional” political behaviors we expect (but were never written into law) have now been starkly revealed.

The gravity of this situation was predicted in a book published earlier that included the opinions of 27 psychiatrists and psychologists (gleaned from hundreds of opinions according to the author). Their conclusion was that they had to speak, out of a duty to warn, because Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and presents a clear and present danger to the nation and our collective mental health. Even more recently another book, written by a CIA psychological profiler, delves deeper into Trump’s pathology, and paints an even more frightening picture.

There is, unfortunately, only so much we citizens can do on our own. But I hope at least you’ll contact your US Representatives and Congress-people and demand that they seriously confront this crisis.
If this insanity continues, we must be prepared (as I said in an earlier post) to put on our powdered wigs and shiny-black buckled shoes and start marching!