photo gallery – Egypt

wanna go for a ride?
wanna go for a ride?
chick’n & ‘shroom-White Desert
Temple of Karnak dudes
al Kasr temple-Western Desert
Karnak Temple Hieroglyphs
Philae Island-Aswan
Hatshepsut Temple - Valley of the Queens
Hatshepsut Temple-Valley of the Queens, Thebes
safe and secure..........
safe and secure……….?
Egyptian gods
Egyptian gods
Egyptian oasis - mama & baby camels
happy mama & baby camels
Black Desert - Egypt
Black Desert
western desert glow - Egypt
Western Desert glow
Western Desert glow 2
Western Desert glow 2
al Qasr 2
al Qasr village-Western Desert
al Qasr - Western Desert - Egypt
al Qasr-Western Desert
Thebes village
Thebes village
Mut Oasis view
View from my hotel window- Thebes
View from hotel window-Thebes
Nubian village-Elephantine Island-Aswan
Egyptian woman on boat
Woman on Nile boat-Aswan
Sundog - Egypt
happy sundog

Nile view of Old Cataract Hotel-Aswan
Badr Museum-Farafra

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