Briskly walking, I feel the needling wind prickling my skin, anesthetizing my ears, stinging my eyes.

My senses awaken.

As I run, freedom rises through my feet, rushes up my legs into my stomach, my lungs, my head.

I am lifting, rising, soaring, becoming one with the air and sky.

I glide and look down to see the world miniaturized.

I cannot see the craziness – I am above it, beyond it. Instead I see color, symmetry, pattern, texture.

Pleasure warms me, flowing through my veins, giving me energy to dip and dive, rise and fall with the currents.

My solitude is joy and peace instead of pain, and I soar into infinity.


What untold secrets lie hidden in these folds of flesh?

What long-sought answers lie out of sight, just beneath my skin?

A bit of truth bursts forth with every hair…..
that grows. If I were only more aware.…

A bit of my being bleeds with every tear. If I could only catch them all, I’d see myself so clear.

The paths which I seek course within, flowing out from my heart and back again.

The mirrors of others faces reflect only what they see. The image at the back of my own eyes is the truth about me.